Established in 1982, The Great War Memorial Hospital of Perth District Foundation is non-profit corporation created to serve as a guardian of gifts and bequests to the GWM site of the Perth and Smiths Falls Hospital. It is designed to enhance the health care system by increasing public awareness and by providing financial support. Through generous contributions from companies and individuals, the Foundation has funded many important projects.

Mission Statement
The mission of the GWM Foundation is to:

  1. Conduct fundraising campaigns to obtain contributions from the widest possible source to support health care provision at the GWM site of the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital
  2. Invest and manage the funds on hand
  3. Provide funds to the Hospital at the request of the Hospital Board of Director for capital and other specific project.  No donations are directed towards hospital operations.

We are proud to support the healthcare needs of the citizens of Perth and its surrounding communities.